Hotel Marti Myra in Kemer - Tekirova / Bars


In addition to the drinks at dinner, there are offered drinks at the lobby bar from 10am to 12pm , in the pool bar from 8am to 1am and in the disco from 11pm bis 3am.
In the bar at the beach restaurant you get drinks from 11am to 10pm.
Around the bars are snug seats, in the lobby under the pine trees overlooking the pool, some next to scale streams, the pool bar overlooking the sea or on the other side overlooking the pools, beach restaurant in the area or overlooking the sea.
Besides the mentioned all-inclusive-bars, there is a fee-bar in the main building, where you can buy exquisite particularly alcohol.


Bar im Hauptgebäude  im Marti Myra

Platz vor der Lobbybar im Marti Myra