Hotel Marti Myra in Kemer - Tekirova / Kitchen and restaurants


The kitchen in the Marti Myra is quite simply excellent.
In addition to a large extent consistent basic service are freshly prepared at about 10 stations, including a barbecue with a length of about 7 meters wide variety of dishes. Be prepared There is also a pizza oven in the restaurant area in the various ongoing Turkish pizzas. Each week there are 2 theme nights, the Turkish night and the gala evening. On other evenings will change the offer without committing to a particular topic. Thus, there are evenings where fish dominated, but also a Mexican, French or Asian corner every now and then are to be found in the offer of the evening.
Besides the main restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and the midnight snack, there is an Asian restaurant in the evening on the rooftop terrace and a la carte Turkish restaurant, the specialty restaurant and the beach restaurant.
The beach restaurant offers from 12am to 5pm a small selection of food. There are freshly prepared Italian pizza, burgers and fried minced chicken freshly grilled. They offer also always pasta dishes, salads and a small selection of pastries and fruit. Right next to the beach restaurant is a tent, cooked in the day, always fresh Turkish bread with various fillings.
Afternoon at the beach bar is set up a small cake buffet.


Außenbereich des Hauptrestaurants im Marti Myra Strandrestaurant im Marti Myra
Fleischgericht im Marti Myra Pizzaofen im Marti Myra
gegarter Lachs im Marti Myra Salatbuffett im Marti Myra
Brotauswahl im Marti Myra Melonenschnitzerei im Marti Myra
Nachspeisenbuffet im im Marti Myra Kuchen im Marti Myra
Galaabend im Marti Myra Galaabend im Marti Myra