Hotel Marti Myra in Kemer - Tekirova / Pools


The pools in Marti Myra in this form are probably unique. They are arranged with a total water surface of 1865 sqm in 2 groups of terraces. The water flows through the terrace edges in the pools below, so you can literally there in the water jet massage.
The pools have now been placed next 2 slides (on the above image does not already exist). In the lower left is a shallow pool area for younger children, which is shielded from the deeper water through a submerged wall.
In the pool group in the upper left by the water pool in the morning instead of gymnastics, the animation company also held from 12.00 to 12.30 at the bottom of the pool next to the pool games. Also during these activities is still enough room for the other guests to look into the swimming.
In addition to the group pool right there is a small round pool for small children. The pool group is right, as well as in the picture is clearly seen above, strongly shaded, a refreshment in the summer.
In the pool group is right now and in the lower pool water polo player, otherwise there is no activity.
The water quality of the pool is of course monitored daily.
Around the pool is a paved area, lawn behind it. The abundant sun beds and umbrellas are free of charge.
Beside the pool there is a small indoor pool at the beach bar next to the spa. The indoor pool was designed as a small grotto and therefore has a fantastic look.


Pool im Marti Myra

Rutschen im Marti Myra

Pool im Marti Myra Pools im Marti Myra
Hallenbad im Marti Myra Kemer Türkei Pools bei Nacht