Hotel Marti Myra in Kemer - Relaxen


You do on holiday just to have peace and quiet? In Marti Myra no problem. At the pools, which are in the tree shade and there on the lawn in the scheme case heavenly peace. There are also many spots where you can indulge your thoughts or just read a book.
For example there is an area between apartment buildings with lots of trees, between which are some hammocks. Next to it is an enclosure with rabbits, and in enclosures with geese, creating a wonderful atmosphere. At the edge of the hotel area to the beach there are several indoor courts, which are equipped with sun cushions. In the area between a lobby bar and restaurant are some artificial streams that are lined with comfortable sofas.
Or just stroll through the facility, which is equivalent to a botanical garden; convert between banana trees, pine trees and typical Mediterranean vegetation. In addition, there is a variety of animals such as turtles, peacocks, or the aforementioned rabbit and geese.
Have you put yourself simply by following images to the Marty Myra .... 


Relaxen am Meer im Marti Myra Relaxen unter Bäumen im Marti Myra
Tischtennis im im Marti Myra Liegewiese im Marti Myra
Zwischen den Wohnhäusern des Marti Myra Bachläufe im Marti Myra
Schildkröten im Marti Myra Hasen im Marti Myra
Meerblick im Marti Myra Abendstimmung an den Pools im Marti Myra