Hotel Marti Myra in Kemer - Sighseeing and excursion


Marti Myra offers you the possibilities of a rich excursion program. You can book your tour package tour operator, or even that of a local provider. Or make your trip on your own with the dolmus, taxi or rental car. Car rental you can rent directly to the hotel or from an external provider, about 100 meters from the hotel. There also is a bike rental there in the hotel.
You love the sea? You can book directly from the hotel jetty on a boat trip to the 3 islands or one of the nearby bays. In particular, the trip to the bay south of Olympos is downright heavenly.
You prefer to stay on land? Then you have the possibility of a jeep safari in the Taurus, visit the Dolphinarium in Kemer or take advantage of the many excursions to Antalya. Tekirova is located directly in the EKO-Park, a botanical garden with a snake breeding station.
Culturally interested can visit the ruins at Phaselis and Olympos. Kekova, the sunken city is also a special experience, you can use a glass bottom boat ride over the city, wich is sunken after an earthquake. Interesting is also the eternal fires of Chimaera, where natural gas emerges from the soil, which is burning in the rock. Nearby is the mountain railway to the Tahtali, the mountain behind the Marti Myra, where offers of 2,365 meters altitude in clear weather a fantastic view.
A little further away to lure the ancient cities of Perge and Side (both on the other side of Antalya) and the ancient theater in Aspendos.
There is a bazaar directly in Tekirova  every Saturday.
In addition, relatively expensive trips, like a visit to Istanbul's connected to a domestic flight or two-day bus tours to Ephesus and Pamukkale are offered.


Das Ausflugsboot im Marti Myra Delfinarium Kemer
Kekova, die versunkene Stadt Bootsausflug nach Olympos
Traumbucht bei Olympos Miniaturenpark Antalya
Felsengräber in Lykien Blick vom Tahtali