Hotel Marti Myra in Kemer - Tekirova / Sports


To provide compensation for the many sins that cause cuisine in Marti Myra, is not a problem.
The entrance area features 3 tennis courts. Tennis lessons are offered, but is subject to charges. at the beach is a beach volleyball court. At the edge of the complex, behind the gym, you hit the hard court for basketball and other ball games. Near the lobby bar you can indulge in free play games next to the center table tennis or billiards open conditional. The offers in the hall (essentially slot machines) are charged.
On the beach there is the water sports center with pedal boats, kayaks and surf boards. Next door is the diving basis (with costs). Try diving in the pool is possible, the actual immersion is the 3 Tekirova islands.
From the animation various sports are offered.


Fitnessstudio im Marti Myra Ballspielplatz im Marti Myra
Tretbootfahren im Marti Myra Tauchstation im Marti Myra