Hotel Marti Myra in Kemer - Tekirova


Tekirova is a small village a few miles south of Kemer.
On the way from Marti Myra in the center are to the left and right of the way rows of shops with the typical clothing and Souvenier offers. About 100 meters from the entrance of Marti Myra is removed a small supermarket and a small restaurant. Directly opposite the entrance of the Marti Myra you encounter a dolmus stop, and the actual dolmus station is about 500 meters towards Tekirova.
Within walking distance you need from the Marti Myra in the town about 15 minutes. If you go by taxi to the place you paying for around 5 €.
In Tekirova located on the main street are a pharmacy, a bank and a post office.
On the main road and in the branching cross roads there is a wide choice of shopping and all sorts of bars and restaurants are to be found here.
On Saturday is in this area  a bazaar and the local market where you can purchase food from local farmers instead. 


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